Clarity of Intention

Even Eagles Need A Push: Clarity of Intention

Posted on January 22nd, 2016 by  in Reading Between the Lines

“Clarity of intention propelled by enthusiasm is the most potent combination known to humankind. It is the basis of all accomplishment.”

Even Eagles Need A Push by David McNally, page 135

Chapter 6: A New Vision

Wanting to grow your business is admirable. Wishing you had more profitable sales is a common objective. Hoping things work out for you in the long run should come as no surprise.

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If you believe that sales is a numbers game you may be in for some rough sledding. The day you envision sales as a game of darts is the day your bank account will begin to blossom.

Clarity of intention implies that you have an unwavering idea (picture) of your targeted prospects. You know who they are by name and exactly what their needs are and what buttons need to be pushed to stimulate forward progress.

Then, thanks to your self-esteem and personal confidence level you show the world how exciting the wonderful world of travel can be, and how you can help them enjoy the ride.

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