A New Beginning

Jesus died on the cross for us and was resurrected so that we all could have another shot at getting this thing right. (I am sure he did not think it would be taking this long to get things right. That doesn’t appear to be our strong suit, but as a wise man once reminded us, “It ain’t over until it is over.” We will continue to continue.)

I am not dissing the cute bunnies (chocolate and otherwise) parades, fancy lids and assorted colored embryos on this day but I would like to focus on the concept of beginning from scratch … just like we do at the New Year.

This morning I found myself editing my 12-Word Marketing Plan Special Report and came across this passage. I think I will leave you with these words and call it a day.

Doesn’t it make sense to work on making a memorable and favorable impression once we do manage to call attention to the fact that we can indeed fog a mirror, and that we are excited and grateful for having the opportunity to do so on a daily basis?

Maybe the Latins summed it up when they coined the phrase Carpe Diem. I translate this to say, “Seize the day.”

So, enjoy today as no day before. Join the parade. Eat some chocolate. Find an egg or two, and tomorrow thank your lucky stars that you have been given the chance to make a difference.

Happy Easter and Happy Passover.


One thought on “A New Beginning

  1. Mike, me thinks you had too much chocolate too early this morning. Mixing God, Casey Stengel and the Latins in the same paragraph . . . it had to be too much chocolate! lol and got your message.

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