Get Them In The Door

You have heard this said before but I am about to say it again. “Common sense” isn’t very common.

I was reminded of this again last week while entertaining my good friends from Scotland in south Florida.

I am not sure how long this is going to take, but I assure you it is worth reading. While waiting for my friends to exit a thrift shop I found myself needing a “facility” along Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. The proprietor pointed me toward a coffee shop that I was not familiar with. I popped into an empty shop only to hear the phrase, “Our restrooms are for paying customers only.” Since coffee was the root cause of my current situation I opted for Plan “B” and that was to exit the shop not before making sure the coffee guy noticed my incredulous eye-roll. (FAST FORWARD THREE DAYS.)

My visitors and I stopped at a furniture store in search of two matching lampshades. Keyword: lampshade.

We were greeted at the door and when we learned that this particular establishment did not sell lampshades, a cheery saleswoman invited us to take a quick look around. No pressure. Just a sincere smile.

I am sure you are way ahead of me on this one. Yep! One dining room table, six chairs, two leaves and one serving table later we exited the store. (I might add that these items were indeed on our list but not on that particular day.)

I am 100% positive that I did not invent this scenario. Back to the coffee guy in his unknown store. Correct reply: “Hey, when you got to go, you got to go. Second right down the hall.” Do you think with a greeting like that I might have found a little room for one more cup of jo once I finished my business? It certainly would have been worth a shot.

Now to Marchev’s way of thinking. If it were my coffee shop I would have a sign in the window saying, “Clean public restrooms inside for squared-away individuals.” Yep. That is what I would do.

The long drawn out message: (I warned you I might take some time getting here.) Get them into your store. Get them to sit at your table. Get them to shake your hand. Get them to read your stuff. Get them into position to see what a cool person you are. Then, and only then, can they make an intelligent decision whether to do business with you or not.

Today, my wallet is a lot lighter since hearing, “We do not sell lampshades.” Please tell me you understand today’s message.