How Deep Are Your Roots?

Yesterday I was clearing out a wooded area on my property to provide easier access to my shed. This project called for the removal of a few trees.

As luck would have it my brother lives near-by and he had access to a piece of equipment that would make light of this potentially dangerous task.

I say dangerous since a chain saw was used to drop a few large trees. City slickers may not appreciate how easy it is for a loose chain or a teetering limb up high to alter an operator’s life in a millisecond. The good news is we successfully dropped the trees without mishap and we began addressing the roots.

Tree stumps can be cantankerous and they often require special equipment. For lack of a better word I will refer to it as an excavator. And here comes today’s message.

A healthy tree has “deep” roots. They take years to develop and are responsible for supporting the entire structure (the tree.) They branch out as they grow and become more mature. To remove a seasoned stump we had to dig around the stump and sever the roots before we even saw any sign of “re-movement.” That is when I thought of you.

Whether you are “healthy” or not is not the point. The depth of your roots is a good indication of the person you are. And if you need a synonym for the word “root” you can plug in the word “character.” You are the person you are today based on the unwavering strength of your personal character.

But your character may be thought of as just one or two roots. A tree has many roots. And your root system can be thought of as the (1) company you keep, (2) the suppliers you work with, (3) your family’s support, (4) the dependable service you provide on a consistent basis, (5) your business acumen and yes, (6) even your sense of humor as it pertains to your (7) emotional intelligence.

Once you are strongly positioned and “grounded,” you too will be difficult to move or “cut down” on a whim.

Just another day in the country. Just another lesson to think about.

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