Get Them In The Door

You have heard this said before but I am about to say it again. “Common sense” isn’t very common. I was reminded of this again last week while entertaining my good friends from Scotland in south Florida. I am not sure how long this is going to take, but I ...
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Failure Just Might Be The Answer

November 29, 2019 Posted by Mike Marchev Selling Skills Failure Is Your Fastest Route To Success. If you want to learn more, do more and be more, you will need to accelerate your journey along the failure curve. You heard me correctly. I just suggested that you accelerate your failure curve. I say this for good reason. While there is no shame in “failing,” you might want to learn something from your gaff as long as your face is turning red. Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Share on Pinterest Share Share on LinkedIn Share Share on Digg Share Send email Mail Print Print ...
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Thought of The Day

November 15, 2019 Posted by Mike Marchev Selling Skills In reviewing a book titled Coach To Coach: Business Lessons From The Locker Room I came across a sentence on page 20 worth repeating. “The look in your eye, the sound of your voice, and the energy that comes off of ...
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Reward Yourself

TGIT: Thank Goodness It’s Today! I have never been one who saw the benefit of rewarding our kids for being capable enough to put on a uniform and placing a hat on their heads with the bill facing forward. Showing up may be 80% of the battle according to Woody ...
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TGIT: Thank Goodness It’s Today

You Have One Life To Make It All Work MIKE MARCHEV A weekly blog post designed for entrepreneurs of all industries and interests covering the four major areas of personal growth: Spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional, and Physical.  Regardless of your age, gender, experience, expertise, educational background, race or professional sports team preference ...
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W-W-P-F The four-letter reminder is simple: WWPF. What is your WWPF? From 1-10. With 10 being the best mark. These letters stand for Work Worth Paying For Is your work worth paying for? Just a little or a whole lot? Starting today, begin honing your product so your work is ...
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Allow The Sales Process To Unfold

I once attended a Home Trade Show and was introduced to a number of entrepreneurs in booths manned by good, hard-working individuals trying to make a living. Some booth sitters came on stronger than others. Some caught my attention as I passed by. Others silently repelled me from their booth ...
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My Advice: Get Out There Where The Action Is

The title of today’s message needs a bit of clarification, but it is absolutely imperative that I share these thoughts with you. This is a true story. This is a story that I had internalized years ago, but needed to be reminded of as recently as last Friday. Please do not ...
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A New Beginning

Jesus died on the cross for us and was resurrected so that we all could have another shot at getting this thing right. (I am sure he did not think it would be taking this long to get things right. That doesn’t appear to be our strong suit, but as ...
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Directed Thinking Activities

Write. Famed author Joan Didion says, “I don’t know what I think until I try to write it down.” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos preaches the value of writing long form prose to clarify thinking. Unless you’re a professional writer, writing is not always about the written output; it’s about the thinking that ...
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