My Advice: Get Out There Where The Action Is

The title of today’s message needs a bit of clarification, but it is absolutely imperative that I share these thoughts with you. This is a true story. This is a story that I had internalized years ago, but needed to be reminded of as recently as last Friday. Please do not ...
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A New Beginning

Jesus died on the cross for us and was resurrected so that we all could have another shot at getting this thing right. (I am sure he did not think it would be taking this long to get things right. That doesn’t appear to be our strong suit, but as ...
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Directed Thinking Activities

Write. Famed author Joan Didion says, “I don’t know what I think until I try to write it down.” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos preaches the value of writing long form prose to clarify thinking. Unless you’re a professional writer, writing is not always about the written output; it’s about the thinking that ...
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Safety Tips For Women

45 SAFETY TIPS FOR TRIPS ––– FOR ALL WOMEN TRAVELERS (Everybody) Here are the most common mistakes women make that could result in them getting kidnapped, attacked, and/or raped: I KNOW. This will never happen to you. With that in mind, please keep reading 1. Getting into the attacker’s car ...
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Allow The Sales Process To Unfold

I once attended a Home Trade Show and was introduced to a number of entrepreneurs in booths manned by good, hard-working individuals trying to make a living. Some booth sitters came on stronger than others. Some caught my attention as I passed by. Others actually repelled me from their booth. “What ...
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