Whiskey For My Men And Beer For My Horses

Some of you might recognize this as the title of a Toby Keith song. It serves as a thought stimulator. Here are a few messages I would like to share with you today. Titles in articles and newspaper columns do get attention. The same goes for the subject you choose ...
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The 1.6% Rule Will Help Distance You From the Competition

With the Winter Olympics next month in South Korea I thought it appropriate to dust off an Olympic-related message from a previous venue. I love the Olympics. It provides lesson after lesson that can be related to life and its competitive nature. During the Nagano Winter Olympics a few years ...
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Are We Having Fun Yet?

Are We Having Fun Yet? Dec 8, 2017 | Posted by Mike | Travel Research   It is my personal opinion that “it doesn’t suck being me.” I feel this way because I have come to learn and appreciate that my numerous failures were just temporary set-backs. In fact and in truth, ...
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Don’t Skimp On The Important Things…Like The Toilet Paper!

Short Version: Be very careful where you choose to cut costs. Your customers are paying close attention, and some things (like toilet paper) need to work as designed. Expanded Version: You are probably conscientiously examining your costs as you approach another new year. 2018 is looming large and once again ...
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Don’t allow strangers to dictate your future.

Some Real Timely Advice!  I was catching up with a friend of mine this past week when he shared with me some advice that merits repeating. LF (Let’s refer to him as Larry, as that is his name) reminded me to pass on the following directive to all sales professionals who ...
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