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My job is to support your company objectives by helping your sales professionals achieve and celebrate their accomplishments. A number of documents are listed below to address your initial concerns. They are all linked to downloadable PDF’s.

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Your 3-Step Business-Success Plan Minset – Action – Results

Whether the message involves selling skills, customer service, employee motivation or personal development, Mike Marchev manages to have fun with audiences while delivering meaningfull, career enhancing ideas and strategies. Although the title of each presentation can be tailored to support the theme of the meeting, major learning points for each program are grounded to time proven fundamentals.


  • Head First Sales: New Business Acquisition. Recession Proof Your Business By Never Having To Worry Again About Finding New Clients. (Action)
  • Head First Sales: Keeping Customers For Life. Your Clients Know All about “Lip-Service.” Give Them “Customer Service.” The secret is to start treating them like you treat your beloved pets. (Treat them like dogs)
  • Head First Sales: Speak To Be Heard. You Are In Show Business. You will become more interesting as soon as you become more interested. (Polish Your Presentation)
  • Head First Sales: Developing A Healthy Mindset. Your Mind Quits First. Sales begins and ends with attitude. (Focused Thinking)

** Program titles can be worded to support your meeting’s overall theme.

Presentation formats:

Keynote opener, keynote closer, half-day seminars, full-day workshops, meeting facilitation, master of ceremonies.

Connecting with people in:

Corporations, associations, nonprofits, academia, government, franchises and small businesses.

About Mike Marchev

Mike Marchev is a down-to-earth motivational speaker who has a talent to connect with audiences of all ages, backgrounds and experience. He communicates meaningful information in a style that is easy to listen to and easy to identify with. He is fun, entertaining, and humorous while delivering meaningful content.

Mike has spoken to audiences in 19 countries and in over 80% of the United States. He has earned a marketing graduate degree and has taught sales and marketing classes at the university graduate school level of particular importance, Mike is a “do-er.” His many non-business-related activities include achieving Ironman triathlete status. Mike is a licensed pilot and a certified oceangoing sailing captain.

His articles have been in a number of major sales and marketing magazines including Entrepreneur and Sales and Marketing Excellence. This diversification positions Mike as an ideal candidate to both stimulate and motivate the attendees at your next organizational function.

Where Mike fits into your program

Your sales team is already producing, but you need them to perform at a higher level with greater consistency. My role is to serve as a catalyst to get your team digging deeper and reaching higher while delivering better results. (1) You hire the right people and (2) you train them. (3) I get them thinking straight and motivated to perform consistently. (4) Your organization enjoys sustainable sales success.

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“Mike offers a keen insight into a well mapped territory of sales and customer relations, but in a fresh style. He’s funny, charming, entertaining, and engaging. His presence helped make our annual convention an unqualified success.” Marty Holmes, CAE Executive Vice President North American Meat Processors Association

“Right from the opening sentence, Mike grabs and keeps your attention. He’s a master at getting people to feel comfortable while absorbing his message.” Catherine Oliviero AT&T

“Your ideas, humor and energy made it clear to me why my sales force gave you a standing ovation at our National Sales Meeting. I’m confident that they will be able to use many of your down-to-earth recommendations.” John Lowe, President Polk Directories, (Info USA)

“You delivered the program in such an entertaining, high-energy and thought-provoking fashion. The afternoon passed all too quickly.” Carolyn Wilson Merck & Co., Inc.

Partial Client List

AT&T Alamo Car Rental American Express America West Airline Anderson Tire Company Automatic Data Processing Choice Hotels Dayton Hudson Maersk Shipping Ortho Pharmaceutical
Merck & Company Pitney Bowes Toyota Ricoh Copiers Savin Copiers Republic Financial Linear Healthcare Wells Fargo Bank Quality New Mexico MedQuist Consultants
Worldspan Sunsail Yacht Charters Sysco Foods Resolute Systems BOC Gases Los Alamos National Laboratory Gunstock Ski Resort Internal Revenue Service New York State Electric and Gas GM H Realty


Associations: National Business Travel Assc., Greater Washington Society of Association Executives, Meeting Planners International, Military Comptrollers, Meat Processors, Chimney Sweeps, Asphalt Pavers, Laundry and Dry Cleaning, University Placement.

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Mike’s Bio

Like you, sales and marketing expert and business author Mike Marchev has seen the word “sales” bandied about in numerous ways over the years. Is it a “gift-for-gab” with a knack for “closing, up-selling and overcoming customer objections?” Does personality with a flare for fashion spell selling ability? Flamboyancy? Resiliency? A “rejection-proof” facade? Is it all about finding the buyer’s “hot-button and then punching those very same buttons?” Or, does the role of sales take on a different meaning today?

With over three decades of selling experience, teaching, speaking, and more importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, Mike’s view is radically different. He believes that sales is a moment-to-moment personal connection and not about title, tenure or position. Sales is everyone’s responsibility … everyday. It’s how we conduct ourselves daily and how we position ourselves as expert problem solvers.

Mike, sometimes referred to as a “Thought Stimulator” for his ability to introduce new ideas, is known for his practical, street-savvy delivery. His fusion of real-life stories and his conversational presentation style connect with his audience on an intimate, intense and individual level.

Unlike many of today’s speakers who attempt to leverage a single negative experience or accomplishment into a meaningful message, Mike has chosen to take a circuitous route through his career thereby building up an arsenal of true-life examples which are both appreciated and easily identified with. (The fact that he is a single-engine airplane pilot, an ocean going sailing captain, a certified Ironman Triathlete and a fun-loving business practitioner tends to lend interest to his many humorous but meaningful business messages and personal lessons.)

From University Teaching Experience to International Sales Management; from Entrepreneur to Professional Speaker, Mike has developed the skill to connect with audiences on all levels in ways that induce a real and genuine behavior change.

The author of the popular sales book Become The Exception and founder of the “More-On” Business Development Series, Mike continues to share his provocative insights with online E-zines, blogs and industry business magazines.

His clients include: AmaWaterways,, Travel Leaders, Travel Savers, Carlson Wagonlit, Uniglobe, Travel Research Online, MAST, National Business Travel Association, Meeting Planners International, ASTA, HERTZ, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, Sysco Foods, Wells Fargo Bank, Toyota, Pitney Bowes, Merck, Nextel, Los Alamos National Labs, The Washington Post and American Express to name a few.

Prior to his speaking career, Mike sold electronic components for a large New Jersey based manufacturing organization leading to international sales experience. Before heading down the entrepreneurial path on his own, Mike worked for the highly respected Maritz Company, a successful motivation and communications company headquartered in St. Louis. Mike earned his Masters Degree in Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University after graduating from the University of Massachusetts with a B.A. in History.

As the president and founder of HeadFirstSales Mike spends the majority of his working hours sharing proven sales methods to proactive entrepreneurs. The travel and hospitality industry has been his primary focus for the past thirty years.

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Popular Programs

How to Never Worry Again About Finding New Clients

Program Description:

Contrary to popular belief, success in sales does not involve smooth-talking, fast-walking, objection–handling order takers. Selling is a process… a process that can be learned and practiced by everyone. And what is readily forgotten, selling can be and should be fun. In fact, the selling process needs to be practiced by virtually everyone in your business if you are to grow as a company.

In this program Mike Marchev will show you how to take the stress out of selling by following a proven series of steps that can virtually guarantee your success. Once you understand how the selling process works you’ll not only enjoy your chosen career more, but you will find yourself making more money by helping more people.

Topics of Interest:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. An Effective Prospecting Strategy
  3. A Reliable Follow-up Strategy
  4. 10 Selling Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs
  5. Client Maintenance and Protection

Key Points:

  • How to position yourself and in the eyes of your prospects
  • How to prepare lead generation documents that work
  • How to design an effective referral system
  • How to get more prospects to contact you
  • What your number one priority must be without exception
  • How to write an effective sales letter
  • How to avoid persistence turning into annoyance

**This program can be delivered as a Keynote Address, a half-day seminar or a full-day workshop.

How To Turn That One Time Buyer Into a Lifetime Customer

Seminar Description:

More than an overused buzz word, customer service is fast becoming the decisive factor in consumer choice.

In this program sales and customer service specialist Mike Marchev will show you how to (1) build lasting customer relationships, (2) improve employee involvement, and (3) identify areas of concern which when handled appropriately will result in a thriving customer-oriented employee driven organization.

Topics of Interest:

  1. Taking Your Customers Service Pulse
  2. Developing Effective Service Skills As a Means For Company Survival
  3. Deploying Customer Service As a Sales Strategy
  4. Avoiding “smile-training” As Your Way of Going To Market
  5. Customer Service Strategies That will be Noticed And Appreciated

Key Points:

  • Learning what customers really want? Expect? Enjoy? Resent?
  • How to make empowerment work
  • Getting your staff to buy into the customer service philosophy
  • How to effectively handle complaints
  • 10 tips to ensure long-term customer satisfaction and retention
  • How to benefit from the power of recognition
  • A 10 step blueprint for world class service

**This program can be delivered as a Keynote Address, a half-day seminar or a full-day workshop.

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Mike’s Personal Preferences

I understand and appreciate how busy meeting planners are. My job is to compliment your program by taking implicit direction ”once” and then stay out of the way until my program is scheduled to begin. I will request to listen to those speaking before me so I can avoid duplicating any messages or undermining their presentations in any way.

In an attempt to answer many of your initial questions, here are my suggested personal preferences:

Pre-Program Interviews:

There is no better way for speakers to get up-to-speed than with a few personal interviews with key meeting personnel. These can include both executives and meeting participants. I will ask permission to contact a few people to become familiar with your company’s objectives.

Meeting Materials Distribution List:

I ask to be placed on your meeting mailing list so I can receive non-classified company information related to the event. This helps me feel “in-the-loop” once I arrive at your meeting’s location. It also prevents my having to ask questions that have been answered in printed meeting materials.


Coach-class airfare for one. Any additional baggage fees or excess equipment charges will be billed back to my client. If possible, a prearranged pick-up and drop- off service at the airport makes for a smooth transition. Rental cars and/or local transfers are invoiced back to the client. Personal driving miles (if applicable) is invoiced at the current government standard.

Room Setup:

Classroom seating is preferred. This allows for comfortable note taking. A center aisle makes it easy for me to enter and connect with the audience. A podium is not necessary. Risers are recommended when your group exceeds 150 people.

AV Requirements:

Wireless lavaliere microphone works best. A hand held wireless mic will suffice. I try to avoid hardwired mics. I prefer to use my own Mac Pro laptop. I bring my own slide advancer.


Keynotes, half-day or full day workshops may vary slightly depending on the unknown. For budgetary purposes you can figure between $7,500-$8,500 … plus travel related expenses. I’m happy to discuss an all-inclusive fee to avoid clerical work when it comes to expenses. (Local same-day engagements within driving distance are quoted separately.)

Travel-Related Expenses:

There are no surprises here. Travel related expenses include local transportation, meals, home airport parking and any other previously approved expenses.

Promotional Assistance:

I am eager to help you promote your event. This may include a pre-program webinar or a series of topical articles.

Follow Up:

Under the category of “accountability,” you might want me to conduct a post meeting webinar or Q&A session to insure that the information shared at your meeting has been both internalized and implemented.

Download a full PDF version for your review


“If you can manage to schedule your meeting to include Mike Marchev in your program, you will be thanked by 100% of your meeting participants. Believe it!” John Gaudioso, Sales Representative

“Mike Marchev is one of the most, if not the most, refreshing down-to-earth business presenters I have ever had the opportunity to listen to. His ability to connect with his audiences within minutes of his introduction is nothing short of incredible.” Marvin Ingram, President

“Mike Marchev, a master of the stage, captures his audiences from small roundtable presentation to ballrooms filled with thousands of people. Mike has that special ability to adjust his performance from serious to funny while always driving home a valuable message. The audience hangs on every word and departs feeling their time has just been well spent.” Lauraday Kelley, Vice President of Education & Training Vacation.Com

“Right from the opening sentence, Mike grabs and keeps your attention. He is a master at getting people to feel comfortable while absorbing his message.” Catherine Oliviero, AT&T

“… a lot of people talked about how you came out into the audience, clearly making a connection with all of us. I heard that over and over. You brought enthusiasm and excitement to our group and this made an enormous impression. ” Pitney Bowes Spokane, WA

“You’re program was the most popular of the conference. This just confirms my belief in your abilities to cut through the noise and deliver a meaningful message. You grab people’s attention from the moment the session starts and you have the personality to help the audience members understand serious messages.” Dan McManus, Editor

“Mike offers a keen insight into a well mapped territory of sales and customer relations, but in a fresh style. He is funny, charming, entertaining, and engaging. His contribution helped make our Annual Convention an unqualified success.” North American Meat Packers Association

“Mike’s words are more than just humorous reminders. He paints a picture that is easy to understand with ideas that are easy to implement. He is truly the ‘real deal’ when it comes to energizing and stimulating your work force.” Joyce Hunter, Manager


Mike In Action

The first video is a compilation of many of Mike’s speaking programs. The second video is a longer unedited segment.

Download a full PDF version for your review

Speaker Selection Questionnaire





Download a full PDF version for your review

Mike Marchev Sample Introduction

We are in for a real treat.

This year’s closing speaker wrote the book on becoming the exception.

His refreshing and humorous style of delivering useful business lessons has been enjoyed by audiences in 19 countries and in 40 of the United States. His messages regularly hit home… and he is fun to listen to.

With an ability to connect with audiences from all industries, Mike Marchev will soon be sharing with us a number of ideas, strategies, and reminders that will help us achieve our work-related and personal goals.

Mike holds an MBA in marketing, has graduate university teaching experience and by his own admission has a non-linear speaking style, which is designed to keep us all tuned-in and eager to hear his next story.

One of his many accomplishments outside the speaking business includes completion of the grueling 142 mile Ironman Triathlon competition, which explains his competitive spirit and his respect for discipline. Both are highly desirable attributes if one is to be successful in sales. He achieved this at age 48 and when not holding a microphone he can be found lining up his third putt.

Please help me welcome Mike Marchev.

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